Say what you will about those individuals that have gone before us. "People should not be forgotten, they mattered," to someone who really truly loved them.

Death is a constant in the world. Those who are born into the world shall eventually die. The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) says that "Despite the best efforts of modern medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and how rich or famous an individual may be, people will begin to die at some point."

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) state that "due to the existence of slavery, genealogical research techniques before and after the Civil War may be very different and difficult to accomplish due to a lack of poor record keeping concerning African-Americans." With the increasing desire of individuals who want to find their roots back to Africa and beyond, the outlook for new websites concerning genealogical/family history research has many opportunities.

"One day you will become an ancestor. One day your descendent(s) will look for your life’s history. What will they find? How difficult will it be for them to track you down? If you have ever been frustrated trying to find vital records for an ancestor then you understand just how important it is to preserve your own information. More importantly what do you know about your ancestors? What are their stories? What tales have you left untold?" Tom Underhill, President of Creative Continuum Design.

Middle Passage Research Group strives to be the premier collector of funeral programs and other death documentation concerning the descendents of African-American slavery. Our collection is based on the fact that all cultures began in Africa, which science has proven with the discovery of the bones of Lucy. Therefore, no one shall be excluded from the documentation we have gathered.